• Hume Lake, Australia. Photo: Tim Keegan

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  • Graduate Associate Garrison Loope on Nepal Lake. Photo: Luke Parsons

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  • Nepal High Elevation Trek. Photo: Luke Parsons

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  • Nepal Lake. Photo: Garrison Loope

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Welcome to the University of Arizona Use-inspired Climate Science Lab! The goal of our UCLIMS Lab, under the leadership of Professor Jonathan “Peck” Overpeck, is to carry out cutting-edge climate research that supports decision-making in society in efforts to factor in climate. Our work is not policy- or decision-prescriptive, but rather is focused on understanding climate challenges and potential solutions. Find out more by exploring this website.

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"Sonoran Desert Refugium During the Pleistocene"

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From afar, the climate of the Southwest is simple. It’s hot in the summer and comfortable in the winter.